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Since moving to Cranston in 1984, Steve Stycos has been an active member of the local community. He was president of his PTO board at his son’s school, and served on the Cranston Educational Advisory Board. With friends, he formed Friends of the Pawtuxet in the early 1990s, which ran canoe trips, hikes, and cleanups along the Pawtuxet River. They also started the Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market.

He was elected to the Cranston School Committee in 2000 and served ten years. Steve has been a member of the Cranston City Council since 2011, first as the Ward 1 Councilperson and now as a Citywide Councilperson, since 2019. As a Councilperson, Steve worked to secure additional funding for the Head Start program and the emergency Rental Assistance Program, pushed for open government and increases in the school budget, started Cranston’s first community garden, the city’s first dog park, and the Cranston Arts Council.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Steve grew up in Ithaca, NY where his father was a sociology professor and his mother a volunteer coordinator. In 1977, he graduated cum laude with a degree in history from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. He was also elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 

He has worked as a freelance journalist, a clothing workers union business agent, and the admissions director at Dorcas Place, an adult learning center in Providence. Since 2010, he has worked as the farm manager of Westbay Farm in Warwick, which grows fresh produce for food pantries. With the help of volunteers, in 2019 the farm provided 23,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to food pantries in Warwick and Cranston.

He is married to Christine Herbert, a physician. They have two adult children who attended Cranston schools. 


  • With Councilperson Paul Archetto, exposed misconduct in the Cranston Police Department’s Ticketgate Scandal which triggered a state police investigation and the forced retirement of the chief and two other high ranking officers
  • Won additional funding for the Head Start program after federal cuts
  • Sponsored the universal free breakfast program in Cranston
  • Doubled funding for the emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Pushed for open government and accurate costing of labor contracts
  • Sponsored the ordinance creating the city’s tree planting program and coordinated tree plantings at Meshanticut Lake and along the Pawtuxet River
  • Sponsored the ordinance creating the city’s sidewalk repair program
  • Started Cranston’s first community garden at Edgewood Highland School
  • With Councilperson John Donegan, currently developing a community garden at Arlington School
  • Started the city’s first dog park
  • Started the Cranston Arts Commission
  • Designed and coordinated construction of the Knight Farm walking trail
  • Led campaign to protect old growth forest on Phenix Avenue, defeating a proposal to build a cell tower
  • With Councilperson John Donegan, led efforts to raise the wages of low paid city workers

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