Our public schools are the center of our community. Steve will work to cut administrative costs, expand Head Start, increase resources for teachers and students, and ban guns in schools.


Cranston has amazing natural resources, from shoreline on Narragansett Bay to forests teeming with wildlife. Steve’s administration will protect vital open space, expand urban parks, increase the tree canopy, and install solar energy generation where it belongs—on rooftops, parking lots, and brownfields.

Infrastructure & Transportation

To maintain our quality of life, we must maintain our infrastructure. Steve will push state leaders to improve public transit options in Cranston, and seek to add bike lanes, fix sidewalks, and decrease speeding in our city. He’ll also work to make sure our school buildings are the best in the state.  

Economy & Small Business

Small businesses provide the backbone of Cranston’s community. Steve will support economic development in Cranston that improves the fabric of our neighborhoods and serves existing small businesses, while attracting new ones to our city.


Steve has a track record of fighting for open and honest government. Steve’s administration will aim to increase transparency at City Hall, raise the standard for appointed officials and judges, and enable more public access to government.

City Finances

Good management requires questioning expenditures, minimizing borrowing, making honest projections, and setting priorities. During his time on the City Council and School Committee, Steve has been a champion of honest, transparent, fiscally responsible government.

Health & Wellbeing

Cranston is a great place to live and raise a family. Steve will work hard to improve the health of Cranstonians by broadening access to locally grown food, continuing to support public arts, enhancing recreational amenities, and being a strong advocate for our public libraries.


There is a major housing crisis in America, and Cranston has not been immune to its effects. Steve will pursue measures that improve housing affordability and security in Cranston. His administration will also work hold absentee landlords more accountable and attract responsible developers to the city.  

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