👎 Oppose expansion of charter schools

Steve opposes the expansion of charter schools because they drain resources from the public schools. Charter schools receive public funds but are not accountable to residents and their local elected officials. 

✂️ Cut administrative costs

Cutting excessive administrative costs will allow schools to focus resources in the classroom so our teachers have the necessary tools to educate our children.

👶 Expand Head Start

When the federal government cut funds for Cranston’s Head Start program in 2015, as chair of the Finance Committee, Steve led the Council to contribute $50,000/year to the program to help disadvantaged children start school well prepared. Since then, the Mayor and Council have included the funds in every annual budget. As Mayor, Steve will fight to expand the Head Start program so that all Cranston children can get a solid start to their education.

🚫 Ban guns in schools

As a City Councilperson, Steve pushed for a resolution asking the state legislature to ban guns in schools (except those carried by police officers), assault weapons, and high capacity magazines. As Mayor Steve will work to increase the number of social workers and counselors in schools to tackle mental health issues and provide support for Cranston youth during times of crisis and to guide youth and families to the resources they need.

🏃‍♀️ Improve affordable after school activities

After school programs are vital to a community; they improve academic performance, provide access to physical activities, strengthen 21st Century Skills, and provide a safe place for youth of all ages. Working families in Cranston should have access to quality and affordable opportunities for their children.

👩🏽‍🏫 Improve diversity in hiring for teachers

Cranston is an increasingly diversifying city and our teachers should reflect that diversity. 51 percent of Cranston students are Hispanic, black, Native American, or Asian, but those groups are only represented by four percent of school department employees. We must find ways to increase the number of POC candidates applying for open school department jobs.

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