🌡️ Pass the Cranston Climate Bond

The time to act to address climate change is now. Climate change threatens Cranston with increased flooding and poorer health outcomes, and it imperils our ability to grow food. That’s why Steve worked with Councilmember John Donegan to draft and pass through the Council a $5 million Climate Bond ballot measure for the November 2020 ballot that will allow our city to do more to help mitigate and reverse climate change.

Steve will work hard to get the Climate Bond passed by voters this fall and use the money as Mayor to invest in projects aimed at reducing Cranston’s carbon footprint and saving taxpayer’s money.

🌱 Protect open space

In 2019, Mayor Fung proposed leasing city land near Cranston High School West for a cell phone tower and access road. Steve organized a public walk on the property and coordinated leafleting of the surrounding neighborhood to inform people of the proposal. Almost the entire City Council came to see the property and voted against the lease. As Mayor, Steve will work to protect Cranston’s farmland and forests, which are vital to our community’s food security, health, and wellbeing. Steve’s administration will apply for state open space grants (which the city hasn’t done since 2010) to protect these natural areas.

🐶 Expand parks, especially in urban areas

Public parks are an important community resource and should always be accessible to all Cranston residents. Steve was appalled when City Council members Michael Farina, Ken Hopkins, and others sponsored an effort in 2017 to lease most of Doric Avenue Park to a private out of state soccer club. Fortunately, Cranston residents rallied in defense of their park and the proposal was withdrawn. 

Steve has a record of creating and improving public spaces in Cranston: He initiated the creation of Cranston’s only dog park, he arranged to remove asphalt and plant several dozen trees at Meshanticut State Park, and with volunteers, he designed and built a mile and a half walking trail through city conservation land on Laten Knight Road. As Mayor, Steve will work to improve public parks, especially in urban areas, so that all Cranston residents have access to public space and ensure that public parks remain public.

☀️ Promote solar where it belongs

Solar energy can help reduce our environmental impact, make Cranston more energy secure, and save Cranston residents money on city energy bills. But Cranston does not have an infinite supply of existing open space or forested land, which is why Steve has always opposed large scale, ground-mounted solar projects on forest and farm land. He will only support increased solar installations on rooftops, above parking lots, and brownfields.

🌳 Increase tree canopy

Steve started Cranston’s tree planting program, which will plant its 200th tree this spring and serves as a model for tree planting programs in other communities. As Mayor, Steve will work to increase Cranston’s tree canopy to bolster urban biodiversity, improve air quality, reduce urban noise pollution, help manage stormwater runoff, and moderate local climates.

Paid for by Friends of Steve Stycos

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