👩‍⚖️ Stand up for honest government

Government exists to serve the public. During his time on the Cranston City Council, Steve exposed the Ticketgate scandal in the police department, voted against appointing lobbyists and a domestic abuser as judges, and opposed a school partnership with a union under federal supervision for ties to organized crime. As Mayor of Cranston, Steve will make decisions based upon what is best for the citizen’s of Cranston, not political insiders or big-dollar campaign contributors.

⚖️ Appoint city officials who meet highest ethical standards

We need an impartial judiciary. In 2019, the Republican majority City Council pushed through the nomination of municipal court judges without allowing debate; among the nominees was a lobbyist for the Second Amendment Coalition. Steve opposed this nomination, not because of differences about common sense gun legislation—such as no guns in schools, which the nominee opposed—but because lobbyists do not belong on the bench. As Mayor, Steve will always appoint city officials who meet the highest ethical standards.

📖 Improve transparency in City Hall

Cranston’s residents should always have access to City Hall and be well informed about what happens there everyday. In 2017, Councilperson Michael Farina attempted to illegally stop a journalist from recording a City Council meeting by citing a made up rule and was rebuked by the ACLU. In the same year, Councilperson Farina unilaterally changed the rules at a Council meeting to limit public speaking, against Steve’s objections. 

Steve’s administration will work to ensure that City Hall is as transparent as possible. This includes publicly posting all notices of Zoning and Building Code violations on the city website, live streaming all City Council meetings, and standing with residents to defend their right to address government officials at open meetings.

🕓 Establish open office hours

Cranston is a large city made up of diverse groups of people. Steve is committed to representing all of Cranston and will to listen to the perspectives of all citizens and build coalitions of people from all over the city. As Mayor, Steve will work to make City Hall a more welcoming place for all Cranston residents by holding weekly open office hours to meet with constituents.

🧒 Investigate providing free childcare at City Council meetings

In order for more citizens to participate in government, Steve’s administration will look into ways to provide free childcare during City Council meetings. This will also make it easier for working parents to run for and hold public office.

In June 2020, Steve introduced an ordinance directing the city to explore offering free childcare at meetings. It was co-sponsored by fellow Councilmembers Lammis Vargas and John Donegan, but was blocked by Republicans in committee.

💬 Hire more civil servants who can speak languages other than English

A quarter of Cranston residents speak a language other than English at home, most commonly Spanish. For Spanish-speakers, City Hall is inaccessible. There is only one Spanish speaking worker available to translate—and he only works three days a week. We need to recognize that speaking a foreign language is a talent and a valuable skill in today’s workforce. Steve’s administration will work to hire more civil servants who can speak languages other than English to better serve a diversifying Cranston.

👮🏽‍♀️ Support increased diversity in city hiring

Cranston needs a municipal workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our population. We need to aggressively recruit people of color and bilingual people to apply for all open city and school department jobs. In addition, people who speak languages commonly spoken in Cranston, like Spanish, should receive five extra points on their civil service exams when applying to work for the city.

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