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🥕 Improve access to local food

Since 2010, Steve has worked as the farm manager of Westbay Farm in Warwick which last year grew 23,000 pounds of fresh produce for food pantries in Warwick and Cranston. Having access to local food should be a right, not a privilege. To increase access to local food, Steve co-started the Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market. Now in its 19th year, the market provides income for small Cranston farmers and businesses, fresh produce for Cranston residents, and a community meeting place. Steve also co-started the Edgewood Community Garden at Cherry Woods where 30 people grow flowers and vegetables on individual plots. Steve and Ward 3 Councilperson John Donegan created Cranston’s second community garden at Arlington Elementary School. 

As Mayor, Steve will remain committed to developing community gardens in Cranston’s neighborhoods, exploring opportunities to expand the farmer’s market, and supporting local farmers.

🔈 Enforce noise ordinances

Cranston has a good noise ordinance, but it has not been effectively enforced. Steve has sponsored ordinances that would make inspections done by the police, the building inspector, or a professional company hired by them considered valid in court. Once these changes are passed, the noise ordinance can be fairly and objectively enforced to protect the quality of life in Cranston’s neighborhoods, while providing consistent and clear rules for businesses.

🎨 Continue to support public arts projects

The arts bring people together and improve our city’s quality of life. In 2016, Steve helped revive the Cranston Arts Commission, which had been defunct since 2006. The volunteer-run commission reaches out to artists and arts organizations in Cranston to bring art programs and events to the city. As Mayor, Steve will continue to support Cranston’s arts community and help to showcase our city’s creative talent. He will bring art to City Hall by establishing a public gallery to display works from local artists and student artists.

📚 Fully fund Cranston’s library system

Public libraries are important community hubs and Cranston is fortunate enough to have an award-winning library system. Cranston Public Library provides vital resources to Cranston residents, including English as a Second Language classes, computer classes, access to public meeting spaces, and homebound services for those who are unable to leave their home. 

While serving on the City Council and as Chair of the Finance Committee, Steve successfully cut other budget items to free up $50,000 for the library to increase hours, added $50,000 to the library budget to pay part-time employees at least $12/hour, and amended the impact fee ordinance to free up over $300,000 to help pay for a renovation of the children’s area at the Central Library. 

As Mayor, Steve will work to ensure that Cranston Public Library is fully funded in future city budgets.

🚴‍♂️ Offer more outdoor recreational activities for old and young

Steve has long advocated for identifying and creating more outdoor public space for Cranston residents. In 1991, with two friends, Steve formed Friends of the Pawtuxet which over the past 30 years has organized numerous school field trips, walks, canoe trips, trail maintenance days and trash pickups along the Pawtuxet River. 

As a City Councilperson, Steve helped create the city’s only dog park and designed and built a walking trail on city conservation land in Western Cranston. As Mayor, Steven will seek ways to enhance and improve public spaces and create opportunities for more Cranston residents to access and enjoy outdoor recreation.

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