🏚️ Code enforcement

Building Code enforcement is a huge problem in Cranston. The city does not respond to complaints or cannot resolve them for years. Business owners complain that inspectors inconsistently enforce regulations. Meanwhile property values decline in neighborhoods with problem properties because the city will not enforce the law. 

To solve these problems, Steve proposed an ordinance to help residents track the progress of complaints on the city’s website. Once an inspector issues a notice of violation, it will go online along with any settlement or court action that follows. That way the city’s progress in cleaning up any problem property will be transparent and mishandled cases will be obvious. The Council passed the ordinance, but the Mayor vetoed it. The override failed. When elected Mayor, Steve will push again for this proposal.

💵 Affordability

As Mayor, Steve will always submit budgets that adequately fund the rental assistance program, so people facing short-term financial hardships don’t wind up on the streets. He will also work to attract developers to increase the number of affordable and work-force housing units.

Paid for by Friends of Steve Stycos

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