Infrastructure & Transportation

🚌 Support and enhance public transit options

Access to reliable and easily accessible public transportation would benefit all of Cranston. Steve supports RIPTA’s Transit Forward 2040 vision that would add crosstown bus service in the city, commuter rail service to Cranston, and expand transit options statewide. Steve’s administration will work with state agencies and other city officials to continue to improve public transit options in Cranston.

🚶‍♀️ Improve sidewalks

Our sidewalks are in bad shape. Some were built in the 1930s as part of FDR’s New Deal and are damaged by cars parking on them or are uplifted by nearby trees. Sidewalks in poor condition discourage walking, and they force the elderly, the handicapped, and children walking to school into the street where they can be hit by cars. In 2016 Steve sponsored a sidewalk improvement ordinance designed to decrease the cost of replacing aging sidewalks. We need to adequately fund this program to maintain our older neighborhoods and encourage people to walk when possible, rather than drive.

🚙 Support traffic calming measures

In 2011, shortly after Steve was elected to the Council, 81-year-old Maria Paiva was killed on Warwick Avenue while walking home from St. Paul’s Church. Soon after, a high school student was hit and severely injured while walking her dog. Steve worked with the Mayor and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation to slow traffic by making the road two lanes with a third center turning lane.

When Warwick Avenue was redesigned, residents of Norwood Avenue asked if something could be done to slow traffic on their street. Steve held a community meeting and the group decided to ask RIDOT to make similar changes on Norwood Avenue, including adding bike lanes. Now both roads are safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Our city needs to take more steps to slow traffic, add bike lanes, and improve pedestrian safety in residential neighborhoods.

🏫 Keep school buildings safe, modern, and up-to-date

We need to maintain our schools so they are safe and up-to-date. Our most precious educational asset, however, is our teachers and staff. As we renovate our schools, we must not forget to ensure our staff have the books, technology, and supplies they need to educate Cranston’s children.

⛸️ Make necessary improvements and upgrades to Cranston Ice Rink

The ice rink, a $750,000/year operation, is an important city owned asset, but it is not part of the city’s annual budget. Once Steve discovered this, he pushed to include rink operations in the budget, so the public and City Council knows how the money is spent. Steve’s efforts were blocked by Mayor Fung and Council Republicans, but in 2019 he received verbal commitments from the administration that rink operations will be part of the budget. Letting the public and the City Council see its operations is the first step to determining its needs. Steve does not support privatizing the rink. Investment in the rink, such as for bathroom improvements, should be part of the city’s capital budget.

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